Stine Goya Jay Dress Poppy

£ 190.00

Take me to dreamland in the Jay Dress with Poppy Flowers print. This elegant dress features long slim sleeves, a high neckline and an elasticated waistband. Could she get any better! She's crafted from a recycled polyester blend and cut below the knee. The Poppy print features a mix of photographic flowers on a black base. This is a dress thatwill seeyou through every season. Recycled polyester is a green alternative to virgin polyester, made from recycled plastics.Making garments from recycled polyester requires less energy, prevents plastic bottles from becoming landfill and produces less pollution.Recycled polyester can be recycled again and again without losing its qualities. With Pre Spring 2021, Stine Goya is evolving its design narrative and challenging its modus operandi. What was once whimsical and dreamy now has weight and tactility. What was once romantic feels modern. Aptly named Dream Extreme, this Pre Spring 2021 Collection is a glimpse of the Goya universe through another lens. Composition: 96% recycled polyester, 4% elastane