Motocaddy PRO3000 Laser Rangefinder

£ 269.00

The Motocaddy Pro3000 Laser Rangefinder is an impressive piece of equipment that is quick, accurate and easy to operate, allowing you to measure the distance to the flag (or other hole features) to the nearest 0.5 of a yard. It even does this on holes with a sharp incline/decline by compensating for the slope to give you an extremely accurate reading at all times. The rangefinder can measure up to 1300 yards, (450 + yards to the flag) giving up to 7x magnification clarity and can give continuous readings when the scan button is held down. It has an easy to read LCD display with distances you can toggle between either yards or metres if you are lucky enough to be playing abroad! The unit goes into stand by mode after 10 seconds of use to save battery life which is a very useful feature. A low battery indicator is also visible.