Peruzzo Pure Instinct Towball Mounted 2 Bike Car Rack

£ 239.95

Peruzzo Pure Instinct 2 Bike Tow Ball Mounted Rack If you have a tow ball this is the best way to carry bikes on your carthe mechanical fittings are extremely secure and easy to usereducing the risk of incorrect attachment. The bikes are hidden behind the car out of the wind so have a minimal effect on fuel economy. Available with integrated lighting boards to ensure you comply with road vehicle laws. Peruzzo's Pure Instinct towball carrier range is the ultimate towball carrier. With everything included in the box and the ability to fold down for easy storage when not in use. It is also compatible with 2929+27.5+ and fat bikes! Features: 2 bike carrier mounts directly to tow ball Folds down for easy storage whilst not in use Quick and easy lockable fitting system Tipping features allows for access to the boot whilst fully loaded Supports Fat Bike and 29 size wheels and tyres Supplied with grab arm for each bike Scratch resistant powder coating 13 pin plug and rear light board Full European homologation. Doubly safe with extra safety strap fixed to frame; Max load 30kg Please Note: Car/Bike/Model Not included.