BodyTrain GB-BK-8019C Elliptical Climber

£ 229.99

The BodyTrain GB-BK-8019C Elliptical Climber is brand new for 2020. It is built from a strong black coated steel frame which is complemented with an attractive red finish and large practical non-slip foot pedals. Dual handlebars allow you to switch between a full-body workout using both the pedals and the moving outer handlebar, using these you will be working both the upper and lower body which will target all major muscle groups including your core. Or you can work just the lower body by holding the stationary centre handlebars. The stationary handles feature hand pulse sensors to allow for a more accurate workout reading. The GB-BK-8019C Elliptical Climber is another great trainer from the BodyTrain range. The computer displays Time, Distance, Speed, Calorie & Pulse so you can keep track of your workout and also features a phone holder.