Mercury BsLyr

£ 31.00

The Canterbury Mercury TCR Compression S/S Top is a performance garment, developed to enhance the acceleration of your recovery after sustained periods of exercise. Made from 74.5% polyester and 25.5% lycra, this shirt has been designed to be lightweight and comfortable, acting as a second skin and moulding to the contours of your upper body. With hybrid graduated compression in key zones, this Mercurial top improves your blood circulation which in turn generates a higher removal of lactate acid. What this means is that your body can work longer, causing less damage during exercise and easing the level of muscle soreness during your recovery time. Even when inactive, the compression technology keeps on working to aid recovery as well as improving the efficiency of your heart. As an added touch, the anti-microbial fabric keeps you smelling fresh up until the final whistle; no matter how strenuous your activity. With a lightweight and flexible fit, a quick drying time between exercise means you are always ready to perform with no excuses. A plain black offering, with red and grey stitching, features the Canterbury CCC logo printed directly beneath the collar for a simple yet distinct look. Tried and tested to cope with life on and off the sports field, Canterbury know how to treat your body.