SMT Miridio Graphite Shaft

£ 24.00

Product Description SMT wanted this shaft to be a spectacular shaft. And this is going to sound odd, but it is one that is not really for anyone in particular, but really for everyone that plays the game. It goes with my theory that the longer the ball is in the air, the further it will go ( more on that story if I am asked ). The lightest of the three new shafts and the softest feel of the three. Please notice that I didn't say that it was the most flexible.... just buttery soft. This shaft provides the most feedback, both positive and negative. Tee it high, and let the Miridio fly. Oddly, the design lends itself to both "swingers" as well as "hitters". The satin blue color is rich and different looking. While it doesn't really match up perfectly color wise with many heads, who cares? Because the results will speak for themselves. I will put this shaft in one of my own personal drivers, probably the Indio and have fun just killing it. Don't be afraid of this shaft, the feel and feedback is outstanding.