Odyssey Stroke Lab V-Line Putter

£ 199.00

This is another classically styled mallet head putter from the Stroke Lab range made by Odyssey. Their new V-Line putter is beautifully crafted using the finest materials, as is the case with all putters in the range. This putter benefits from the stroke Lab shaft which is made from graphite but features a steel tip. This shaft has been made to be 40g lighter than previous steel shafted models. By reducing the shaft weight, this has allowed the engineers to give an extra 10g to the club head in the form of 2 sole weights. A further 30g of weight have also been added to the grip end of the club. The putter also has a White Hot Microhinge face insert. This has resulted in a perfectly balanced putter that allows you to strike the ball to give the perfect roll time after time, giving great control over distance.