Evnroll ER1.2 Tour Blade Putters

£ 289.00

If you struggle to hit the sweet spot and your scores are suffering as a result, then look no further than the Evnroll ER1.2 Tour blade putter. “The Sweetest Face In Golf” eradicating miss-hits by expanding the sweet spot massively, Putter technology that can do for golfers on the green what titanium did on the tee box. The Evnroll ER1.2 Tour Blade is a traditional-looking blade that will appeal to golfer's far and wide. The ER1.2 Tour Blade boasts tremendous feel and distance control with face grooves that actually do something to help keep the ball on it's intended path with a smooth effortless stroke. The putter will inspire full confidence standing over the ball to make that all-important birdie or eagle putt. “Feels best” or “Looks best” has no indication on whether a putter will be the best, the proven tried and tested technology in the Evnroll ER1.2 Tour blade putter speaks for itself and you will wish you had made the switch a long time ago.