Westlake Bump Bar, NOCOLOUR/BAR

£ 23.99

The Westlake Match Spray Bump Bar is a well-designed, durable, long lasting EVA forward pole support bar, which will fit onto a variety of modern day seat box systems. Once attached to the front seat box legs the bar is a rigid support for the pole at all lengths. The rotatable EVA bar will cushion the pole and is adjustable to suit the angler's needs. The EVA has been indented along the length to provide a secure grip. Each of the two upward accessory connections have a 3/8s brass screw fitting, allowing for a pole sock to be fitted with ease. Easy to assemble and supplied with Two leg lock brackets and two upright fittings, plus EVA bump bar. Compatible with leg sizes 25mm to 36mm. Pole spray bump bar.Length 65cm.EVA material.Colour black.Two 25cm outrigger brackets.Two 27cm upright fittings.Two 3/8s screw threads.